Pele – Best Soccer Player

Edson Arantes do Nascimento (more known as Pelé) considered by most the best soccer player of all times.   He was awarded best soccer player of the century.  He also was the only player to be part of the winning team in the World Cup 3 times.  He scored more goals then any other soccer player in history retiring with 1281 scored.  He started playing for the Santos at age 15 and won his first World Cup at age 17.   He was very famous especially for the reason that he could play in the attack, the forward, the defense, and even the goal!  During his many years of playing he obtained the nick name “O Rei”  which means The King.   After 40 years of playing Pelé retired scoring more then 1200 goals in about 1300 games,  winning 3 World Cups, and becoming the best soccer player in the world.



  1. I loved reading about Pelé, Dalton. I will make one unwanted suggestion – see if you can rearrange the sentences that begin with He so that you do not have so many beginning with He. The facts you gave are the essential ones to know and I am impressed!

  2. Dalton, our boys have a DVD about 100 years of FIFA. They show Pelé in it several times, and the boys know exactly who he is when they see him.

    They may only know a little bit about him, but they know he was a great player.

    You wrote a good essay that is full of facts!

  3. Wow it’s hard to imagine playing soccer so many years. Keep reading and reporting.

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