You stayed out way too late last night. Your kids are are grumpy and tired. Do you have to get them up at the crack of dawn as if they had to catch the school bus or miss school? Must you fight the forces of nature and human fraility and make everyone do ALL their school work on the lesson plans? What is the fine line between staying on task and homeschool flexibility?

These are the questions that haunt me every week! Between church ministries, island camp work, and social activities our life is often quite the circus. When all my kids are grumps, I often have to make the decision to allow them to sleep a little longer and to cut the school day a little shorter. That’s when I have to evaluate my priortities and make the wisest decision for that day. Clearly the best and most perfect situation is stick to lesson plans (and to have lesson plans, but that’s another post),but even in the workplace goals are changed and revised. So lesson plans are not concrete.

Wednesday of this week was one of those days. On Tuesday we went into town for one of the boys to enjoy a’ birthday lunch. Then we went to check on the buggy project and we didn’t stay too late, but late enough!

So what are the main tasks that just must be completed for a school day to really count and productive work to truly take place? Here’s my list of priorities on the days when some things just have to fall to the wayside.

1. Math

2. Grammar

3. Science

4. Writing Projects

5. Portuguese and Brazilian History

6. Milk Bible Study booklet

When things get rough and the boys just don’t seem to be able to handle a full workload, I consider opting for one or two subjects done well rather than all down half-hearted. On Fridays we have NO MATH day. This gives us one day a week as a catch up day to fit back in anything that wasn’t done during the week.

Tomorrow is a NO MATH Friday! We will be doing our other subjects and one fellow will be working on an overdue book report on A Wrinkle in Time.