William posing for the camera with his “Justin Bibi” hair.  Yes, he got it cut yesterday and at a real barber shop, not Mama’s chair.

A blind man gave his testimony one morning.  First for the island, a blind man and his blind wife were at this retreat.  Dalton went horseback riding with the man.  Dalton sat behind him on the horse and told the man what to do.   Good experience for both!

In spite of a hurt foot (it’s the left one with Mama’s homemade hurt foot boot made of a tight sock, a big ace bandage and a flip flop bottom for support), Greyson guided a few less experienced souls on the horses.  This man had never ridden.

Once an old missionary told me, Your boys get a complete education every time they go out to the island.  I tend to agree, but they still need math and grammar!