Just thinking today and hoping to go through all my junk in the schoolroom while we are out on our summer break.  Lots of things to weed through, sort and organize as I work to build up plans for the next school year.  Plan to go back to some well used tactics that have worked in the past and spice things up a bit with some new scheduling ideas.

Keep thinking about why I need three Kindles – one for each boy.  I wonder if Amazon would give me a family discount and a missionary discount and maybe a few other discounts?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have books for free at the touch of our fingertips in one small compact form to tote wherever we go?  Maybe someday, maybe next furlough, maybe when I get rich from all these ESL classes!

Dalton is working on a few leftover things from this school year, but should be all done in a day or two.  Greyson, as previously stated in this dear blog, is ALL done.  William is traveling in the Amazon rainforest somewhere with his dear dad and took along several school books in which he still has things to complete.

So our year is all but done, but I have not been all happy with this school year.  So hence the time of preparation, reflection and re-organization for the next step!