Title of book: Frankenstein or, The Modern Prometheus The 1818 text

Author: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Number of pages: 288

Plot: The book, Frankenstein, starts out with a young man named Sir Walten undertaking a scientific voyage to the North Pole. While on his voyage he sees a giant man (about 8 feet in stature). Two days later he finds a mid aged man floating on a sheet of ice and takes him aboard. After several days recuperating the man begins to tell his story of how a young man with ambition for science (himself) name Victor Frankenstein, with much research makes a man (that was more of a monster). And the monster proceeds to haunt his family. And kill his youngest brother.

Outraged Victor decides to take a trip to London and upon his return marry his beloved cousin. While there he plans to make a female monster to be the male monsters companion by the monster’s order. When the monster shows up to claim his bride it dawns on him that he cannot let this beast have a companion it would just be two to wreck havoc and in the future maybe many many more.

Could he be the author of the greatest pest that the earth ever saw? The daemon warns “I will be with you on your wedding day” and on his wedding day kills Victor’s wife. Victor then departs on a long journey to kill the beast that ruined his life, were he meets with the explorer on the brink of death. After completing his story made Walten promise that if he ever met with the daemon he would slay him. He then dies and minutes later the beast is leaning over the dead body weeping Walten say how dare you near the body of the man whose life you ruined. The beast said I will go to the great north pole and bury myself , and my creator with me and never will man nor beast ever hear or know of us.


Main characters: Walton, Victor Frankenstein, and of course, Frankenstein

Setting: Europe mostly Geneva, Switzerland

Theme: The author wrote this book as a caution to science because you never know when science might get too far and come back to haunt us (she made her point).

Evaluation: I didn’t like this book because of a bad ending all it needed to be ok was for Walten to have killed the monster when he was leaning over Victor.


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