This morning we walked across the way to fetch a bottle of water for our Pond Life experiment for Chapter 2 in our Apologia Biology.  The boys were to look for any insects or critters and snap a photo. Our “riparian” water ecosystem wasn’t as active as I had hoped.  Even though we didn’t see a whole lot, we had a few enjoyable moments under the sun.

By the way, teenage homeschoolers don’t like to be seen by others who may ask weird questions about their activities with cameras and 2-liter pop bottles, so they decided to take the dogs along.  That way if any one asked, they could claim to be out on a walk with their pets!  Go figure!  One told me I had dressed all wrong – I looked like I was on a field trip.  Mercy!

Friday we’ll open our jars of  “pond” water and see if we have any interesting bacteria growing.  I hope we will!  We’re taking Wednesday off for the Brazilian Independence Day – 7 de Setembro!

Take care out there!