My oldest boy was “broken” or injured this past week while BMX-ing in a local park.  Above is an older photo of him popping a wheely on his bike.   Little by little he has recovered well this week, but it seemed like a good week to push the schedules and deadlines aside.  William did finish his biology report on a famous scientist this morning and it can be seen at our Atha School Essays blog.  Check the sidebar for the link.

Last week I got our nine-weeks report cards done and shown to the school director for approval.  Papa, the school director, gave them a quick look over and said, Wow, has it been nine weeks already!  Yes, it has!  Time flies!

So, it seemed a good time for a break, a vacation that is!  This next week we will jump back into our normal work schedule and move along!

William is doing very well, by the way!  Thanks for friends that knew of his accident and have been praying for him.