August was good,

September was nice.

October got crazy,

and November – eeeee!.



This past week the Papa man has be reorganizing and shuffling and cleaning and even managed to get rid of some junk and clutter.  This weekend I’ve tried to reorganize and reconfigure in the homeschool area.  I started out well but over the months things got wild. I sought the help of a panel of experts for ideas – the boys!  I just asked!

So what can we do better in World History?

What is your mother/teacher doing wrong in Biology?

How can we speed up our Latin studies?

My expert panel suggested that each one be allowed to read on their own in World History.  They all agreed that the book is interesting, but reading it together was slow and tedious.  So I have worked out a reading schedule, but am allowing for reading ahead.  We’re answering all the questions at the end of the chapters now and will continue with quizzing on

In Biology it was suggested that everyone using the same book was just too much.  We only have one copy of the super expensive biology text.  One member of the panel suggested that the smallest student “get out of his book,” in so many similar words.  During the most recent chapter I had wanted for the youngest to read along in the “big book,” but it proved a sad experiment all around.  Today we are finishing up the chapter with a super fast and comprehensive review sheet.  G goes back to his little biology book with his lessons all planned out for the month during a late night planning session last evening after church.  W and D go back to the big book with no problems sharing with just the two of them.  Thank goodness for the reading charts all ready for printing from Donna Young dot com.  Problem solved.

In Latin, I just printed off free worksheets for our studies this month from a great website I found this past month called Visual Latin.  I will halt our book with with Jenney’s Latin for the time being and move through the lessons with Visual for the time being.  I try to avoid worksheets in general but I think the information and the format are great and will be a great review for what we have already done in our Jenney’s books.

Lesson plans for November – All Done!  We can look forward to a great month including holidays and even some guests!  Can almost smell that Turkey!