Greyson finished up his school work on Wednesday of this week.  Thursday I sat down with each and reviewed their December work, got lots of grades in our online gradebook at Engrade, and worked out a “summer school” work schedule for my two delinquents – Dalton and William.  Both have a few small things to turn in yet, nothing overwhelming, just stuff that must be completed. This next week before we head out to the island for the New Year’s Retreat, they will finish.

Yesterday we enjoyed an early Christmas with friends in the big city.  No school and no cares.  We had a lovely meal, great dessert, wonderful gifts and a great time of fellowship and fun.  The two older boys talked during the hour drive all the way home, which is always a sign to me that the day was good.  The little one zonked out just outside of town, but perked up enough near the end to walk into the house on his own and jump in his bed.

We’ll be started school again on January 11th.  Actually we will be out on the island that whole week for the annual deaf retreat, so our work load with be light with some math, grammar and literature.  The next week will take Monday off to rest a little and then get back to a fuller school schedule.

I won’t be on much until after these two retreats.  Hope all of you out there have a happy holiday season!

Merry Christmas,