Can you spot Dalton in this photograph from 2003? This was at Centro Educacional Ebenezer in Fortaleza.

Today we started school for real again.  We played at it on Tuesday and Wednesday with the boys finishing their stories that were started at camp last week.  Everyone got their stories finished and I got them all up at our writing blog @  but one.  Greyson did his work on the old computer and I’ll have to transfer it today to the new one to post.  Go by if you will and leave a message for William and Dalton on their entries.

Friday morning will be doing a few “new school year” things still and Monday it will be full scale fun for the whole week.  Friday night we are all going to Petrolina to help Papa with his advanced ESL conversation class.  We hope to have a good time, help the Papa man and get to see our fav missionary aunt and uncle living in the city!

More later,