Week of January 23 – 27, 2012


  1. Read 1 – 30 in Lingua Latina by Friday
  2. Worksheet time with Mama on Wednesday, Visual Latin Lesson 7
  3. Worksheet time with Mama on Friday, Visual Latin Lesson 8

Biology – William and Dalton:

  1. Read pp. 129 – the middle of 142.
  2. Friday we will do Experiment 5.1.
  3. Do the on your own questions as you go and before Friday.
  4. Color p. 25 before Friday.

World History:

  1. Everybody read 123 to 156 during the week
  2. Do all “non-essay” type questions at the end of each section.

SAT CD:  William and Dalton work through the pretest this week.

*Book Reading: Read at least 10 minutes a day from your latest book and please take the book with you to the conference next week.

Math, Grammar, and Spelling:  Check with Mama.


Oh, joy!  Just printed this off.  Now for fixing breakfast and getting boys out of bed!