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On Tuesday we had our “End-of-the-School-Year” Party a little early. No, school isn’t out yet! We will quit for the school year on June 1st. But we needed to take advantage of half price Tuesday at the brand-new bowling alley in Petrolina and the fact that Uncle T and Aunt V were available to go along.

We all had a great time even if none of us made great scores. It was fun and I, for one, would love to do it again. It’s a little expensive, but seems it was well worth it for a special occasion.

We have three weeks left of school and are working on the “last” chapter of this and the “last” lessons of that. I, the teacher/principal/curriculum maker, am working on what to do for the fall with my emerging high school junior, sophomore and seventh grader.
Chemistry is going to be the biggy and I’m hunting for just the right books and stuff.

Take care!