Okay world!  Here’s what we are doing in Geography this year.  We will be compiling a notebook with a small report on each country in the world.  We are using the official C.I.A. 2012 list of 195 recognized countries.  Each boy will make his own notebook using a three-ring binder.  Each week they will have to work on their notebook for at least 2 hours.

We will also be reading through the Lyrical Earth Science workbook and listening to all the songs during our weekly geography class time together.

World Notebook Checklist
Map Work:
Color and Label each map
  • World Continents
  • World: Political
  • Africa & Asia Political
  • Asia and the South Pacific Southeast
  • Asia and the South Pacific
  • Central and Northern Asia
  • Europe
  • North America
  • Central America
  • South America
Country Reports Points List
  • 150 countries = 65 points
  • 170 countries = 70 points
  • 195 countries = 80 points
  • Arranged according to continent = 2 points
  • Arranged alphabetically within divisions = 2 points
  • N.O.C. = Neat, Orderly, Complete = 4 points
  • Use a variety of report forms = 2 points
  • One “Cool Country Report” per continent = 10 points
  • Completed Maps = 10 points (not optional)
  • Decorated Cover = 5 points
Ideas for reports: capital city, famous people, famous landmarks, highest mountain, unusual animals, active volcanos, religions, exports, type of government, flag drawing, outline map, languages, current population, languages spoken.