Yesterday we drove to the little city of Casa Nova on the other side of our great big lake to visit with missionaries Bruce and Carol D. Uncle Bruce was the director of a MK school for a few years and is a teacher of all things mathematical, scientific and logic oriented. He’s helping us out with our labs for chemistry this year…

It’s great to have help with our science this year and great to have it from such a knowledgable, friendly teacher.

Whenever we go I get to tag along with Carol to her tutoring classes at the small congregation work.  This time I got to help with phonics stuff and a little math facts practice.  Here’s a few of the ones I got to help.

After the lab time we got to stick around for a great supper of homemade hoagie roll-ups by Aunt Carol. Papa always speaks at the Peniel youth meeting in the main church on the fourth Thursday of each month. So some of the gang got dressed up to go along.

We had a wild time on the way home with some engine trouble just outside of town. Thankfully good old Uncle Bruce hadn’t gone to bed yet and came to help. We ended up taking his car home arriving in Sobradinho just in time for a four statewide blackout! Life’s never boring where we live.