Seems in Brazil there are two to three national holidays a month, several city holidays and then all the other days that fill in the spaces between holidays when people might get a little work done. This week was another Brazilian holiday – Dia da Republica – was yesterday, November 15th.

Bright and early one of my youngest’s friends called to see if he could come to play – Sorry, not done with school yet!

Then my middle boy’s best bud showed up and my oldest announced that he had plans for the day.

Well, we did get our chemistry dvd lesson in to start the new chapter at least!

Brazilian kids go to school year round and most will be getting out in a week or so. So the holidays come early in Brazil and last a long time, too. January is the biggest month of school holidays with schools only starting at the end of the month or even the beginning of February.

But we just keep on work-work-working! When we’re not catching a “cat-nap” on the couch with Tiny!

This week:

Started chapter 3 in Chem
Started sonnets in Lit