Do you use the Internet a lot in your homeschool work? We do, but more often than not it’s frustrating, discouraging, and more stressful than anythng. Cuz’ we live in the middle of nowhere! My dh says that the Internet is like the city water: Whoever lives at the end of the pipeline gets the little drips. This analogy might make more sense in light of our city water system here in the middle of nowhere, but perhaps you get the picture.

Over the years in Brazil our “net” potential has been high speed in the big city, nonexistent, dial-up to a city out of our area code, super slow by radio, a little faster by wireless but intermittant, and fair to middling by wire. Right now we are in the fair to middling range by wire with wi-fi that works pretty well and a fair number of computer devices hooked up. So! For the first time in all of our years of homeschooling in the interior we can make better/some/fair use of the world wide web in our schooling.

Here’s a few things the boys do on the net:

Research work for actual paper World Geo Notebook Pages [Dalton & Greyson]

Pinterest Board for World Geo Project [William:]

IXL Math [Dalton]

CNN Student News [All]

Almost forgot my online gradebook: