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I just can’t homeschool because:

  1. My boys are highschoolers!
  2. Homeschooling is not allowed in Brazil.
  3. I live too far from good books and resources.
  4. Our Internet is slower than slow.
  5. Homeschooling costs too much.
  6. My children are not very cooperative.
  7. Nobody does anything to help me.
  8. I want to scrapbook and blog and shop.
  9. My house is not big enough.
  10. I feel totally inadequate.

Some days homeschooling is just overwhelming and I wish for a yellow school bus to stop in front of my house and blow its horn calling for my boys to jump on.  But there are few school buses in Brazil and even fewer real yellow ones.  Most are more like vans and private.  So, aint no buses coming, honey!  I just have to swallow my fears and tears and move along.

My boys are all highschoolers now and we do live far from everything. And yes, our Internet is too slow for online academies which I couldn’t afford anyway!  So what do I do?  How do I make it work?  Does it work?

According to some, No!  Most of my neighbors think we’re a little weird and the majority of our friends as well.  Homeschooling just isn’t done in Brazil and the very thoughts of being capable to teach your children is way beyond most, even college educated persons.  I used to feel required to explain and let people know all about it.  Now, we just do it and say it’s a weird American thing.

Many days my boys seem absolutely rebellious and uncooperative.  Those days are rough.   Most often they are days that I need to breathe a little deeper and speak a little kinder and softer.  Nine times out of ten the problem is not the boys!

Ah, even though I think it alot.  I DO have help.  I have a wonderful mother and father who pray for me and my boys every single day.  I have missionary colleagues who help with our Chemistry.  We have special missionary aunts and uncles who go all out to help celebrate holidays and birthdays and special events.  I do have help, I just forget sometimes.

Oh, I’m NOT inadequate.  I’ve taught for years.  I taught in the States.  I’ve taught in Brazil.  I AM well qualified.  My house is fine.  I have enough money to buy what I have to have.  I CAN DO IT!  Yes, I can!