Spring Break

Our Spring Break this past week consisted of getting ready for a church retreat out on the island over the Easter weekend. After the chores of a fish harvest day the Friday before Easter week and this retreat we were all worn out and enjoyed a rest day from all things work and school today.

Tomorrow we’re back in action with Chemistry and Paragraph Writing and all that good school stuff!  Ah, and here’s the new Greyson, latest teen heart throb!  Seems he had a transformation over the weekend and become the BMOI {big man on the island} in one fatal swoop.

Oh, the joys of homeschooling and mothering three teen boys in a foreign country.  Whenever you ask a small group of Brazilians to hold still for a photo they automatically tilt their heads in towards each other and throw their arms around each other.  It can be a little too much for a stand-offish American with physical bubble syndrome and for Ex-pat mothers of TCKids taking the pics.