Matt and Lee Binz
Delight Directed Learning
Matt and Lee Binz

Just read this “delightful” little book on my Kindle this week.  It’s free, by the way.  Tells all about how to funnel your homeschooled children’s activities into real learning opportunities and how some of that just might count as “real school” credit.

I’m glad for boys who spend their own time on music, reading, and sports.  In our homeschool life situation I try to keep our actual sit-down at the desk time to a minimum to allow for plenty of time for real life.  That’s not to espouse unschooling by any means, it’s just to make sure even teenagers have plenty of time to play and enjoy life while the gettings good!  Before long they’ll be off working and perhaps living far from me, so I want them to appreciate a little freedom in the afternoons now.

Take care out there and happy homeschooling to you and yours!