A lot of people ask we what we do in our homeschool: other missionary moms, curious nationals, interested relatives. I always sort of cringe a little when asked. We do a little of this and a little of that and sometimes it’s all with a lot of complaining! When my boys were little my biggest problem was making sure the little didn’t run off and the big ones really finished. Now that they are all teens, I try to set the pace, schedule and more or less leave the rest to them. Hands-Off is how I try to be.  I plan and make decisions about books and try to keep the ball rolling.

One of my boys can be totally (mostly) trusted to get his work done in a timely manner with just a little prodding. One needs a little guidance but is pretty independent. One needs pushing, pulling and cattle prodding. Some days can be rough and have to be Hands-On.

Old favorites of mine like lapbooking are being tossed aside as we all grow up and move on to more reading and problem solving and directed learning. It’s a process and I’m glad that this school year is almost over! My big Geography notebooking project was pretty much a flop but I’m making concessions and deals as we get closer to the deadline and looking for the new and exciting things to do this fall with my hands in my pockets as much as possible.

D and his pal building a new skateboard contraption this month... a box.
D and his pal building a new skateboard contraption this month… a box.