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Here it is the first of October already.  My, my, where has the school time gone?  Greyson and Dalton got started soon enough on their school work in mid-August, but William had a late start since he was in Mozambique that month.  School really only got into full swing in September around here.  September was full of its own complications school-wise with one of the boys opting to try out the local high school this semester.
So, where are we now on this road of schooling full of bumps, knots and kinks?  Each day we all watch dear Mr. McBride’s ABeka American Government videos around 10 am.  Dalton is working on his Ace Pace Grammar before going to afternoon classes at the high school.  William is working a few odd days during the week but managing to get most of his school work done in a timely and independent manner.  He’s also getting prepped to take the Brazilian college board exam later this month.  Greyson is doing great and moving along in everything especially his Visual Basic class.  Although it was hard to get used to our new schedule with one going away to school in the afternoon, overall we are moving forward inspite of all the bumps and kinks.
We have about nine weeks before we hop on a bus, a plane and a train and head to the U.S. of A. for a brief furlough.  Mama/Teacher is working on transcripts and what not for the boys to be able to attend a “real school” during the months we are there.  Lots to do and hoping we get it all done on time.
Greyson, no worries about a thing at all.