What to do with {Reluctant} Homeschoolers…

What to do with Unruly Homeschoolers...

So what is a mother to do when homeschooled teens don’t want to “do” homeschool anymore, seriously?

You can try forcing it – it’s rough.

You can get kids more involved in school choices – texts, types of assignments, lessons plans.

You can try co-ops, extra “off-site” (not at home) courses, tutoring, mother/teacher swaps – if choices are available in your area 😦

You can enroll your child temporarily in “real” school – and let them see for themselves if the grass is really greener! 🙂

Mmmm, just some food for thought.



  1. I always try to give my kids some choice and follow their interests. Just today I noticed that since my son is reading in his free time “The Social Contract” by Rousseau, and he made a comment about our government textbook being boring in comparison. I suspended the textbook readings on philosophical background of government. Instead he’s reading “The Social Contract” and writing an personal response paper.

  2. Hi. I’m visiting from the LetsHomeschoolHighSchool blogroll.
    Wow, I cannot imagine. I empathize with anyone whose teenager refuses to do school. The options you mentioned are good ones, but if they don’t even want to do that, I’d make them get a job. Let them get an idea of what real life at minimum wage is. And I’d have them pay their own expenses, including contributing toward groceries, at least.
    One of my kids doesn’t like school much, but my child knows it’s not an option. My oldest 2 are taking classes at the local college, dual enrolled in high school and college. Their college courses will be applied to high school and college credits. This is encouraging for them to know that they’ll have college credits completed when they graduate high school. We’re thankful that the colleges permit this.

    I’m sorry for the families..and for the kids that don’t enjoy learning. Hopefully at some point they’ll find something they’re interested in and can pursue. Who knows, they may be the next Steve Jobs.
    Thanks for this post and some food for thought.

  3. That’s so incredible, Betsy. I love it when my boys find things on their own to study. My youngest is working through an old Visual Basic book faithfully. He wanted to do it and off he went. Those are the best parts of homeschooling – seeing independence.

  4. All my kids know/knew “it’s not an option,” too, but in raising up my boys to be independent learners and just the fact that each one is living in this world full of sin and what not sometime our options are not necessarily reality.

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