While Mr. Ninth Grader does his work at Mr. Graduated/Gone’s old desk, Mr. Rising Senior is out the door to school each day at the local high school.  Thankfully we live close enough that he can just walk on over.  The crazy bus comes by our house around 7 am even though we live only about a 10 minute walk away.  Classes started on Monday.

Greyson seems to be enjoying his five subjects and especially Rosetta Stone German.  His day is over by noon.  This week we are looking for some healthy activities to fill his afternoon hours. Here’s some things we are looking in to…


  1. babysitting/after school care job
  2. exercise/walk with Mom three times a week
  3. join the YMCA
  4. go to the library regularly
  5. take a class at the Christian school across the parking lot
  6. watch lots of tv
  7. play games on the Internet
  8. play Xbox all afternoon
  9. lay around
  10. read books