Are homeschoolers lacking in the social graces?

Do they need a classroom full of boys and girls to be more social?

Must homeschool educators do “something” about socialization?

I never really worried much about the socialization thing when my boys were little and homeschooled in Brazil.  Homeschool was the best education they could get in the place where we were.  My boys were out and about every afternoon playing with neighborhood kids.  We had church services and camp retreats with lots of people time.

What about now?  My youngest is at home with no brothers around.  He doesn’t have that many people beating a path to the front door to ask him out for social opportunities.  We do go to church, but sometimes not the same church every Sunday since we travel some to visit our supporting churches.  Does he need more “social” encounters?  Should I go out like the mother on The Middle and find a friend for my Brick?

Nah, he’s alright.  Yesterday he went to an all night lock-in event.  Today he had a great time of interaction with his new violin teacher.  This evening he went out with a friend’s family.  This next week he have gobs of fun with his three real life cousins in Texas.  580196_534985286555013_2128741363_n