It’s a new year, a new semester.  And now we have a new spot to study.  Our out back school room was transformed over the holidays into a storage room.  Now each of our three bedrooms have a desk for their occupants and a book shelf.  Greyson is pictured here in his room.

Previously I wanted to keep “school” out of the bedroom.  With three little boys, if one needed a time out – the bedroom was the place to be sent.  After work for one was done, one boy could go ahead and play with toys in the bedroom while others stayed in the school room to finish.

As the boys got older, school was everywhere.  To give each one a private space was hard.  Our living room was like Grand Central Station with workers and visitors coming and going.  The school room was still used and the main location of school with the boys dividing up in private spots for more intense study.

With just Greyson, no toys, no more time outs – it made sense to do something different.  I think he’s happy.  I know I am – I’ve finally got a junk free bedroom – all except for one mysterious solar panel that has no current home and was in my bedroom when we got home from furlough.  I’m sure it will find a new spot of its own soon enough!