Greyson has had a busy month this April.  There were several major events at church and one at Mama’s {me – the author – of this here blog} ESL school.  At the beginning of the month, Greyson wisely sat down, at his own request, to plot out his school work.  He was able to attend all the practices for a big youth rally meeting of which our youth were in charge.  Go on an outing with another missionary family.  Help with the Easter sunrise service on top of a mountain and help with activities at a field day for kids of an ESL school.  Ah, and paint walls during a church work day!

He’s a good worker and for the most part, a conscientious student.  This month he even managed to take the big bus to the big city for his violin lessons totally on his own and come back home again in due time.  Alright, that was more of an accomplishment for the mother, most likely – to see it happen and calmly live through it.

The month of May should see the boy finish up in several of his subjects as we anticipate the end of our school year by the first of June!