Our time in the States was great, but now it’s back to work at the Atha School for Boys.  Sophomore, Greyson, started school work on Tuesday of this week after an orientation day on Monday.  Seems Mama, curriculum planner, goofed up a few things in purchasing materials in a hurry while in the USA, but we are FLEX and have been able to make do and figure it all out.

Today we were happy to start watching CNN Student News again after a long while without.  Our Internet just wasn’t fast enough to load the 10 minute commercial-free newscast made for high schoolers.  Frustrations were always high as the video would sputter along taking much longer than it ought.  But this morning our connection was fine and we hope that with improved net service that we can continue to watch on Fridays.  If you are not familiar with the program, check it out @
CNN Student News

Got to run!  Look next week for more news from the Atha School for a Boy!  Now that there’s just one, maybe we should change the name?