Well, my high school homeschooler has been a busy boy over the past month.  He faithfully teaches recorder classes at the church on Saturdays and goes on evangelism with the young people each Sunday morning.  The youth group went to an area-wide youth rally this month as well.

It took a few days for us to get back into the swing of things after our big trip to the USA, but I am thankful for a fellow who is flexible and self-motivated – even when I am not!

We had a few hurdles to jump over as mother dear {me} made a few mistakes in the book orders for this year’s stuff.  Once again I was thankful for my boy stepping up to the plate with a good attitude and making the decision to start in an old and more difficult Algebra 2 book when the fancy, new computer based curriculum didn’t work out.  So far, so good – grades are 100% but my boy is working well and learning.  And we are happy.

The book they are using from Amazon.

Papa and Greyson started into the PicAxe Project book over the past three weeks.  Today they really got under way and have all those mother boards and chips and whatnots of which I have no knowledge or understanding.  It’s good to see them working apparently enjoying it all.

Greyson and I started the same pond water experiment recounted in the blog post link you see below:

Riparian Field Trip

We didn’t take the dogs and chose not to take any pictures as we were in a hurry to get the experiment started and move on to other things.  So, our little bottles of “pond” water are prepared and in a dark place.  Look back later this month to find out how stinky they get and if any amoebas or whatnots can be seen in our fancy borrowed microscope.

Until next time!