what is picaxe

On Fridays Mr. Homeschooled Highschool boy works on his picaxe projects.  He is following the activities in a the book called:

PICAXE Microcontroller Projects for the Evil Genius

I, the mother/teacher/curriculum organizer, am not in charge of this class.  This is a father/son thing.  Papa tries to stay home on Friday mornings to be available for consultation and assistance with the activities.  Today this is a lot of kitchen table soldering going on, wirecutters laying around and of course, little chip boards (probably not the official name).


According to the mad scientists, today they are making a keyboard.  That’s all I know.

Homeschooling allows us as an expat family to offer subjects that our boy would not find in any local schools.  It gives us the opportunity to explore areas of study that interest our boy.  It also makes for some great father/son bonding as they work and learn together.

That’s not an explosion in the middle or flames of fire.  It’s just a lamp to see better…