“The roots of education are bitter,

but the fruit is sweet.” 


Monday starts the next to last school year for the youngest of my three boys.  It all seems so much easier nowadays than when they were little.  I think Greyson might even be happy about getting back to his work.  These days I’m more of a facilitator than a teacher.  Over the next few days I’ll be getting some things in order, seeing what’s what and what’s needed, and getting Mr. Student to clean up his summer messy room a little.

My posts here don’t seem as exciting as when there were lapbooks to document and science experiments and wild field trips. Nevertheless it is a form of registering what we do and that learning is happening at the Atha School for Boy (s).  One of the older boys suggested I need to rename it to Boy since there is only one. I think I’ll just leave it like it is for the time being.  Maybe I can teach some grandboys in the future, or girls?

Take care and check in once a month or so to see what we are up to over here in Brazil.