“Hurry it up!  We’re burning daylight.”

Our Christmas Break wasn’t really much of a vacation but did involve some late night parties and movie watching and hence some late getting up in the mornings making our “daylight” rather short.  Where we live in NE Brazil the sun comes up faithfully around 6 am and sets around 6 pm every day.  Once it’s dark a lot of work just doesn’t get done.  But hey, sometimes you just need a change of schedule and a little fun.

Most of December Greyson needed more of his “daylight” for music practices in prep for the Christmas program he arranged and directed for church.  In light of that we pushed most school subjects to the back burner and Greyson used his morning school time to work on his One Year Novel.  We may have to rename that class to 1.5 Year Novel or maybe even 2.0 Year Novel.  Greyson’s work has exceeded the year allowed for the class.  At the end of last school year we considered just forgetting it all and moving on, but I wanted to see a final project.  This semester the novel has been a sideline hobby subject.  Most all of Greyson’s other subjects are close to completion for this school year.  So he will be dedicating more “daylight” to writing over the course of this spring.

Last week student and mother sat down for a pow-wow and reviewed where he stands in each subject and what we want to see for this spring.  Greyson wants to add a new instrument to his work with Escola de Música Mosaíco – guitar.  Mother wants to see a paper copy of a book in her hands by June.  Algebra, English, German, Science and World History should all be done by the end of March.  Father wants to take our Round Brazil by Car trip in April.  And Greyson is working to establish the independence of the worship team at church by summer time.  That’s alot to take care of, but we have goals and will press forward!

This morning we started doing English together as it was a subject that just wasn’t getting its due attention.  And we have begun the old official Cycles of Portuguese study of which all area missionaries have been required over the years.  Gotta make sure this boy is ready for the big national college entrance exams here in the fall.  We’ll be doing English and Portuguese together every day right after breakfast.

In the fall Greyson will be a senior.  We will be here in Brazil until December and will work to get him ready to fit right in to class at Community Baptist in NC where he will finish out the year in the spring of 2018 while we are on furlough.  A year seems a long time away – but time’s a wasting and “daylight,” too!


Greyson got to try something new over the holidays when we happened upon an ice skating rink at a local mall in the big city.  What a surprise!  He got 20 minutes to skate around and let me tell you, no “daylight” was wasted!  That boy skated hard for the whole time sweating from all the activity in spite of the cold ice!  He did great having never ice skated before but roller bladed a lot in the past.  We had a blast just watching him go!