Our boy is going to fly the coop, leave the nest, roost in some other barn.  Our plan for Greyson’s senior year was to finish up this and that and get set to head for the USA in early December so that he could study for his last semester at a school there.  Greyson received an invitation to go earlier and start school first semester to be able to do his whole senior year at the same school.  He will stay with a family who live within a mile of the school and church where he will be attending.  He will assist with music in school chapels and probably in church services as well.  We will join him in the USA in December as previously planned at which point Greyson will move to live with us for the rest of the school year.

As missionaries serving overseas homeschooling was the best option for our situation in a small interior town with no good schools.  It was never an only choice thing or part of some radical belief system.  In considering our current options, Greyson’s choice to go seems to be ideal.  We will miss his dedicated work in our ministry of which he has been a true member.  But we support this new step in his life and the new possibilities that it holds for his future.

Tickets have already been purchased for Greyson to arrive about a week before classes start to get adjusted and all settled in.  He will have a brother living about 20 minutes away and another in college about 2 hours away.  His paternal grandmother will be in a nearby town and his maternal grandparents aren’t too far away for some weekend visits.  His host family have been good friends over the years and are the parents of a future daughter-in-law!

We’ll still be posting here until the end of this school year as there is much to do before this big move.  Stayed tuned for news of our big Brazil road trip that will happen later this month and for the final touches on Greyson’s homemade quadra-cycle!