My high school junior is done with History, 2 tests away from the end of his science book, on his last pages in Algebra, and writing the epilogue to his novel.  German is all done.  His Brazilian Lit readings are nearly completed.  Hence, we are close to the end!

This past month was full of lots of practices at church with an area wide meeting for women held at our church on June 3rd.  Greyson outdid himself with the music for the event.  All the planning and practices were organized and arranged by him.  Together we chose three hymns and two choruses that had to do with our lighthouse theme.  He utilized a maximum amount of participants with a good variety of instruments.

Greyson stuck with the program all day long and was in control as a true music director right down to maintaining the sound system and data show production.  We did experience a few tech problems but he keep his cool and the show never stopped as Greyson and his Papa took care of all from the sidelines.

Over the next few weeks, Greyson is getting in more hours in the kitchen as we try to teach this boy some of the basic facts of life before he runs off to live in the States for six months without his mama and papa to start his senior year in North Carolina.   Before his departure in early August, he plans to turn over all his church music responsibilities to others.  So he has a full month ahead.  June will also be his last month at the music school in the big city. July will be his last sacred music week at the Bible seminary.  Lots of lasts and soon lots of first as he makes his way to America!