After a week at the annual Sacred Music Week at the Cariri Baptist Seminary in Crato, Ceará, Brazil, Greyson was invited to go along with some others who were on their way to a second week of music fun.  This second adventure was in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte about nine hours from the first location and on the coast.  No, I don’t think they had time to go to the beach.

This week is also held annually and is dedicated solely to young people.  Their goals include spreading a love and appreciation for quality Christian music in the lives of today’s youth.  Once again, Greyson was a singer and not a player for this conference.  Seems they needed some good bass voices.

He’s on his way back to Sobradinho today.  We have to edit his novel this week and he needs to take his final in Trigonometry before he starts packing his bags for the USA.

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